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Annual Events - International Women's Day

Background to the conflict.

The arab israeli conflcit has its roots from
the end of the second world war from 1947.
Part of the arrangement was that Jerusalem shoud be jointly
owned by jews and arabs.
This was not fully accepted by Arabs and led to a war in 1948
after which Israel declared itself to be an independent state.
After these early events a truce was brokered between the participants.

There have been many wars and lesser events over the decades since, but all can be traced back to the arabs
belief that their land was forcefully and unlawfully occupied by Israel.

Latter day strategies used by Israel to maintain some degree of peace consisted of building a wall around
the west bank with the aim of physically separating the two sides. This has had some benefit but does not stop the launching of
rockets into Israeli territories.

Many peace moves have been attempted over the decades. On a smaller scale there have been local initiatives in local arab villages
such as Walleja where home skills have been taught for many years